Goat Vs. Lamb Meat: Which One Is Healthier?

The primary distinction between lamb and goat meat is the amount of fat. Goat meat’s fat content is lower (3 g in 100 g) than lamb meat.

The goat meat tastes harder and is ideal for slow cooking such as roasting, braising, or smoking.

Goat meat is red-colored meat with a slight marbling over its surface. Lamb meat ranges in color from a light pink to a slight red.

In terms of micronutrients, both contain different beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Goat meat, with more calories and protein than mutton or lamb and is believed to be leaner and better for you.

The goat meat is less in calorie, saturated fats as well as cholesterol than pork, beef, lamb, and chicken.

5 Reasons That Goat Meat is More Nutritious – High in iron – Low in calories – Low levels of cholesterol. – Low in saturated fats. – Free of growth hormones

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