Aeroponics  vs.  Hydroponics

Hydroponics-Technique to grow plants using nutrient-rich water, without soil Aeroponics-Technique to grow plants, without soil, and exposed to air.

Hydroponics-It requires a significantly larger amount of water. Aeroponics-The water requirement is extremely low.

Hydroponics-The plant roots are exposed to nutrients-rich water. Aeroponics-The plant roots are exposed to nutrient-rich mist.

Hydroponics-Not susceptible to power outages. Aeroponics-More susceptible to power outages.

Hydroponics-A relatively low maintenance system. Aeroponics-Needs more regular maintenance.

Hydroponics-A bit expensive. Aeroponics-In comparison, it is expensive due to the high maintenance costs.

Hydroponics-Supports a wider variety of plants. Aeroponics-The most suitable plants like citrus and olives.

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