Fertiliser Shortage in Rajasthan During Rabi Crop Sowing

Rajasthan is facing an acute fertiliser shortage before rabi sowing. The state has already initiated primary steps to maximise the use of its reserves. The government of Rajasthan has suggested farmers make use of alternative fertilisers for gram and mustard crops.

Gram and mustard crops cover a collective area of more than 50 lakh hectares in the state. The Congress government of the state has requested the Central government to sanction more quantities of fertilisers for Rajasthan.

Acute Fertiliser Shortage

The supply of DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate) is dependent on imports of the same. The gap between supply and demand has broadened across the nation due to the low arrivals. Because of this, Rajasthan and other states are affected this year. The state has received only 3.07 million metric tons of DAP between April to September compared to 4.50 lakh tonnes.

On Monday, agriculture minister Mr. Lalchand Kataria said that farmers are recommended to use alternate fertilisers containing phosphate, namely the SSP (single super phosphate) and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) compound, to avoid losses as a result of a shortage of DAP. The sulphur content in SSP makes it highly beneficial for pulses and oilseeds.

Mr. Lalchand Kataria had written a letter to the Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilisers, Mansukh Mandavia, pointing out that the Centre had only approved 67,000 metric tons of DAP for the rabi crop 2021-22 in Rajasthan against the requirement for 1.50 lakh tonnes during October.

Mr. Kataria said that the state is facing a fertiliser shortage of 2.25 lakh metric tonnes. The state government is working hard, at all levels to make fertilisers available to the farmers.

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