Fertigation for Lawns

lawn fertigation

Lawns are a significant investment and can also be a challenge to maintain properly. In addition to watering and mowing …

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Plant-Based Meat

plant based meat

The world of food is changing. People are more mindful of their eating and how their food is grown. There …

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Plant Biostimulants 

Sustainable Agrikulture

Biostimulants reduce the need for fertilizers and boost plant growth and resistance to stress. In low amounts, they can be …

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Vertical Gardening

vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is a perfect way to grow fresh produce in small spaces. Although you can use vertical gardening to …

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Fertigation is a form of hydroponics that can help you grow plants in a controlled environment. It is similar to …

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Types of Composting

types of composting

Composting is the process of breaking down organic matter. Composting can make low-cost fertilizers for gardens, lawns, and farms. Restaurants, …

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Mushroom Farming

mushroom farm

Mushroom farming is a popular side business you can do in your spare time. You don’t need much space, and …

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Biochar Fertilizer


Biochar is a relatively new term, but the idea of using it in gardens is not new. Researchers believe early …

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Factory Farming

factory farming

Factory farming is a system of animal agriculture in which large numbers of animals are kept indoors, raised in cages, …

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Kisan Credit Card


The government of India established the Kisan Credit Card (KCC) program in 1998 to issue Kisan credit cards to agriculturalists …

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PM Kusum Yojana

PM Kusum Yojana was introduced by the Government of India to increase the income of farmers as well as provide …

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MANAGE Agri Film Festival 2022

MANAGE Agri Film Festival 2022

The National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, Hyderabad (MANAGE) instills managerial skills to Agri managers, agriculture scientists, and administrators to …

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