Latest Houseplant Trends You will See in 2024

There is something special about plants. They add color to our living spaces and create a peaceful atmosphere. If you feel that your home needs a slight improvement, place a plant in the room.

They can make rooms look beautiful. They also give people a sense of meaning because they provide us with something to nurture and take care of. In the past couple of years, we have witnessed many trends in plants disappear, and it has made us think about the latest home plant trends for 2022. 

Herbs and Veggies

There have been many people who have discovered their love for houseplants in the last 2 years. Thanks to being stuck at home because of COVID, wanting to beautify our living spaces, and taking plant care as a new hobby. The majority of people are in their homes, and it’s only natural that they would like to incorporate the outdoors into their lives.

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is really simple and is a fantastic option to reduce the amount of waste. It is possible to plant your own window-side herb garden and profit from the results by making your own pesto or making a pot of mint tea fresh.

As new gardeners become comfortable with their abilities, they want new problems. The next natural move is to cultivate indoor veggies and herbs, which have the additional benefit of being consumed and not only admired. Most herbs work easily indoors. Many plant breeding companies are developing new, small-space varieties, so that you can grow peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and more right on your kitchen counter.

Low-Maintenance Plants

A lot of new plant parents are taking the leap into the houseplant world. Being struck in their home, they need some attention to live and thrive. These days, people have been shifting to beautiful and low-maintenance plants.

However, the more time we spend in our homes, the less we are required to be enthralled by every dying stem or burned leaf tip. It is becoming more evident to some that the time they once had to offer to houseplants is becoming a bit less. They may need lower maintenance plants for them to feel confident they can offer the plant the attention it needs to look good.

Since people are returning to work, spending time in social settings or on trips and taking care of plants may get a backseat. If you’re thinking, “that’s me,” consider getting plants that don’t require water as often. Snake plants, ZZ plants and pothos are excellent choices.

Smaller Plants

We have also observed that more people are looking to purchase plants at the beginning of their development. This allows them to experience more phases of growth and enjoy a more satisfying experience taking care of the plant. We believe that people want to see the plant develop with their help instead of purchasing a bigger plant.

Another benefit of purchasing smaller plants is that they are less expensive. They are to be less heartbreaking should they go to the ground. Smaller plants allow you to learn about the plant’s needs. There is no more incredible experience than seeing it grow more significant from year to year.

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Exotic Plants

We have seen many people becoming enthralled by exotic plants. They are great additions to your collection, but they may come at a high cost. Among collectors of plants, rare and unique Aroid species, like Alocasia, Epipremnum, Monstera, Philodendron, Rhaphidophora, Scindapsus, and so on, are still the top on the wish lists. We will continue to see newer and commercially scarce varieties like Global Green pothos become more commonly available to plant parents than in the past. 

Red & Purple Foliage Plants

People are drawn to brightly colored flowers. They seem to bring something unique to the sea of green. Many people prefer a bit of color to make their collection more appealing. Pink-variegated houseplants are still hot and trending. An up-and-coming trend is an increased interest in plants with rich red and purple tones. There is a lot of interest in new varieties like Two Toner with red-purple-backed leaves, Schumi Red with lustrous red-purple foliage. 

However, just because there are some new varieties in your garden does not mean that the older ones are on their way out. Tried-and-true varieties like Zamioculcas Raven(r), Colorful Aglaonema, and Cane Begonia varieties are as popular as ever. 

Less Curation, More Love

In 2022, it looks like more and more plant parents will focus on plants they love rather than something new, just because it is trendy and they want to show off.

We will see more people deciding if they really want a specific plant. If they think they are going to get bored of it after it is no longer in trend.

Houseplant Trends 2022

It is wonderful to increase your garden. However, sometimes taking care of the plants you already own is better. Understanding how to care for the plants you already have and to help them flourish and grow is far better than purchasing the latest plant.

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