Goat Vs. Lamb Meat: Which One Is Healthier?

Both sheep and goats are herbivores. Their diet is mainly composed of grasses and seeds. Both sheep and goats are hoofed and inquisitive animals with similar social behavior and are typically kept together in the same group.

Goat Vs. Lamb Meat
The primary distinction between lamb and goat meat is the amount of fat. Goat meat’s fat content is lower (3 g in 100 g) than lamb meat. The goat meat tastes harder and is ideal for slow cooking such as roasting, braising, or smoking.

Despite their resemblances, there are some distinct differences (Goat Vs. Lamb Meat). They are distinct species with different physical characteristics. Goats have horns and are covered with an animal fur coat, while sheep are without horns and often wrapped in wool. This is because goats reside in warmer climates, while sheep tend to be found in colder climates. They have distinct preferences regarding the grass that they graze on. Goats prefer grass to graze as their necks are long, while sheep typically feed at the hoof level.

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Goat Meat

Goat meat is red-colored meat with a slight marbling over its surface. It varies in color from extremely light pink to a bright, deep red. The marbling of the flesh is perfect for slow and low-cooking and smoking. While it cooks, the fat inside the marble evaporates and enhances the meat by adding flavor.

The majority of the meat is derived from young goats. This keeps it succulent and delicious. This is why it is ideal for barbecue cooking and also has a highly delicate taste. If it is castrated animal meat, it tends to be more rigid and solid, with the most distinct flavor and aroma.

Lamb Meat

Lamb meat ranges in color from a light pink to a slight red. The meat usually comes from sheep that are in the first season (hence the name lamb). Darker-colored meat means that the animal has aged. Younger lambs are more tender, making them more popular. This is why you pay more for it.

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Difference Between Lamb and Goat Meat – Goat Vs. Lamb Meat

Goat Vs. Lamb Meat
Goat meat, with more calories and protein than mutton or lamb and is believed to be leaner and better for you. But in terms of micronutrients, both contain different beneficial vitamins and minerals.

There are three significant differences between lamb and goat meat.

Nutritional Value

Goat meat is generally believed to be more nutritious than lamb. Comparatively to lamb meat, goat is less in saturated fats, cholesterol, and calories. In fact, it’s less in cholesterol than other types of meats, including pork, beef, or even chicken. Moreover, goat meat is also extremely rich in protein and has higher iron levels.

Goat (per 100g)Lamb (per 100g)
Protein27 g25 g
Total Fat3 g21 g
Cholesterol75 mg97 mg
Iron3.7 mg1.9 mg

Source: USDA


The lower amount of fat in goat meat makes it a more complicated food to chew than lamb meat; however, the flavors differ well beyond the texture.

Goat meat is a bit sweeter than lamb meat in taste. However, this is mainly dependent on how the meat is prepared. The sweet flavor will be locked in the meat when you grill it. However, when you grill it, you might lose some of it and get tougher.


Most lamb cuts have more calories than that goat meat. This is apparent by the amount of marbling visible on the surface of lamb meat.

Marbling refers to the black and white flecks of fat that appear across the red meat. They are typically found in the muscles of lamb, beef as well as goats. They are also known as intramuscular fat. The marbling evaporates when it is cooked. This cooked fat can add more flavor.

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5 Reasons That Goat Meat is More Nutritious

  • High in iron
  • Low in calories
  • Low levels of cholesterol.
  • Low in saturated fats.
  • Free of growth hormones

The goat meat is less in calorie, saturated fats as well as cholesterol than pork, beef, lamb, and chicken. It also has a greater amount of iron than pork, lamb, and beef. Although some antibiotics may be present in the meat of goats, hormones are not permitted to promote growth in young goats.

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