Best Agriculture Farming Apps 

The agribusiness industry is growing more with speed, mobile agriculture professionals must be able to swiftly gather actionable information anytime and any time the decisions are made. A positive user experience can build the kind of loyalty that can keep customers coming back for more, increasing their engagement and confidence every time.

Farmers have seen a steady increase in productivity as technology has been slowly introduced to farms over this century. Many farmers wonder how mobile apps for Android and iOS can aid them in their farming endeavors.

Trends in Agriculture Apps

Looking ahead to 2022, various Agtech companies shared their insights into the trends that will shape the development of mobile apps and what we can anticipate to see in the world of agriculture.

One of the most significant trends in recent years has been the integration of mobile farming apps. More agribusinesses are seeking to work with other app companies to allow professionals the option of using the entire technology behind their applications which ultimately leads to higher productivity and better results.

Many mobile apps are available right now to help farmers choose the best. Here in this article, we have listed the top 15 iOS/Android apps for 2022.

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25 Top iOS and Android Farming Apps

  1. Pocket Rain Gauge

You have a rain gauge in your pocket! You can take your Pocket Rain Gauge out to your garden or field and see how much has rained over the past 24 hours. Data is updated each hour and includes the last 24 hours.

Pocket Rain Gauge uses the same technology that Morning Farm Report delivers highly accurate rainfall measurements based on your location. Its custom extensive data infrastructure is used to calculate rainfall measurements. This includes output from NOAA satellites and NWS satellites.

Download it from here – Pocket Rain Gauge iOS Download

Download it from here – Pocket Rain Gauge Android download

2. Weather Apps

There are many weather apps. Here are some of the best, which are available to both Android and iOS users. This will make farming easier.

  • AccuWeather ( Download it from here – iOS and Android).
  • Dark Sky Weather ( Download it from here – iOS and Android
  • CARROT Weather ( Download it from here – iOS).

3. Encirca View

This GPS-powered field documentation tool lets you keep track of your fields and capture important information. Encirca View uses satellite imagery to pinpoint your field location so you can take notes and photos there.

To help you make management decisions, you can easily share your notes with local experts. You can instantly organize your crop scouting data on your mobile device or seamlessly integrate with Encirca View’s website. There you can also access aggregated data from other Encirca View users.

Download it from here – App no Longer Exists

4. FarmLogs

FarmLogs helps you to manage, plan, and implement a profitable grain marketing strategy. It offers real-time futures prices to let you know when to sell and when it is best to wait. The app ensures that you monitor your profitability and budgets throughout each season. You can monitor the rainfall in your fields without any special rain gauges. 

You can view specific soil maps to see where you should apply inputs and can easily take and share notes while you scout. The in-season satellite imagery can help you identify yield risks and management mistakes. The app quickly creates comprehensive field records automatically and prepares various inputs for the upcoming season.

Download it from here – FarmLogs iOS download

Download it from here – FarmLogs Android download

5. Growers Edge

Growers Edge App provides farmers with the best free way to manage their farms. It gives them critical information to be more organized, make better decisions and make more money. It offers the best cash prices and pinpoints weather intelligence. It keeps track of farm storage and sends notifications on the Go.

Download it from here – Growers Edge iOS download

Download it from here – Growers Edge Android download

6. Sirrus

Sirrus makes it easy for farmers and agronomists to collaborate on-farm decisions. This platform allows you to connect offline to standard field data that can be shared with other applications and users. You can easily monitor crops for pest pressures, take observation photos, and share and create recommendations from the field.

Farmers can create PDF reports and share them via email or text. Moreover, they can take a soil sample using a grid or zones or from previous soil sampling points; check out our nutrient and fertilizer recommendations. Farmers can use Raven Slingshot(r) to send requests wirelessly and export data to a shapefile.

Moreover, farmers get rainfall forecasts updated every hour for each field. They can securely store and share data via this app platform.

Download it from here – Sirrus iOS download

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7. Agrodox

Agrodox App is an all-purpose application for farmers. It assists farmers in calculating the fertilizer requirements for crops and monitoring the weather forecast for the area. It tracks all field activities intuitively and simply.

Farmers can check out the latest articles written by farm experts, learn more about top-of-the-line fertilizer products and enjoy quizzes to test knowledge. They can learn more about the crops you plan to grow.

Download it from here – Download for Android

8. Farm at Hand

Farmers build this app for farmers. It makes it lot more easier to manage your farm. All your information is in one place—all you need to manage your agribusiness and collaborate with service providers with your smartphone.

This app is simple to use and intuitive thanks to its straightforward design. This app allows you to focus on farming and not learning new software. You can easily keep track of vital information right at your fingertips, such as:

  • Fields – From planting to spraying to observations and harvesting, track and schedule every field activity precisely.
  • Equipment – Manage your fleet from anywhere and keep track of all details, maintenance logs, and part numbers.
  • Storage, Contracts, and Deliveries – Track every bushel from bin to buyer and all details between.

Download it from here – Farm At Your Hand iOS Download

9. Ag Ph.D. App Suite

The Ag Ph.D. Field Guide can help you identify pests in your field. You can search for weeds either by name or photo. You can also access the Ag Ph.D. Field Guide for the latest agronomy information via the FMC HatchTrak newsletter or the Ag Ph.D. University.

Download it from here – Ag Ph.D. App Suite iOS Download

Download it from here – Ag Ph.D. App Suite Android download

10. TractorHouse

TractorHouse is the leading resource for farm equipment sales and purchases. This app has thousands of listings from hundreds of dealers across North America. You can drill down immediately to the model, category, and make you are looking for.

Download it from here – TractorHouse iOS Download

Download it from here – TractorHouse Android Download

11. AgWeb

Get the latest news and tips about agriculture. This news comes straight from 

Download it from here – AgWeb iOS Download

Download it from here – AgWeb Android download

12. ID Weeds

ID Weeds was created by the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Division of Plant Science. Each weed is described along with a photograph. ID Weeds lets you search for weeds using their Latin or common names, view a list, and identify weeds based on various characteristics. 

Download it from here – ID Weeds iOS Download

Download it from here – ID Weeds Android download

13. NozzleCalc

With the official Greenleaf Technologies Nozzle Counter app, you can quickly calculate sprayer settings for TurboDrop or Air Mix nozzles from anywhere. This app is essential if you use Greenleaf Technologies spray nozzles. It calculates Greenleaf nozzles accurately and is the easiest to use. Spray confidently and determine the optimal droplet size and PSI to suit your application. 

Download it from here – NozzleCalc iOS download

14. Future Farms

Farm Futures app is the enhanced mobile version of Farm Futures magazine, a leading management-oriented magazine. It features enhanced user-customized market segments, market commentary, and updated audio daily.

Download it from here – Farm Futures iOS download

Download it from here – Farm Futures Android download

15. Climate Basic

Climate FieldView, an integrated digital agricultural tool, provides farmers with a complete, connected suite of digital instruments that allow them to understand their fields better. This will enable them to make informed operational decisions to maximize yields, minimize risk, and maximize efficiency.

Download it from here – Climate Basic iOS Download

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