Agri Tourism – A New Agribusiness Model

Agri tourism is based on agriculture. It involves bringing people to a farm, ranch, or other agricultural-based establishments. It also includes activities such as staying on a farm, buying produce directly from the farm, picking fruits, and feeding animals. Agro-tourism has become a principal business activity worldwide. It is growing in popularity across many countries, including the United States, Canada, India, and Australia.

In agrotourism, tourism and agriculture meet. It is a relaxing activity that allows tourists to get to know the rural lifestyle of a specific area. It could be through a farm tour or at a rural fair. Farmers turn their farmland into tourist destinations that attract a lot of commercial activity. 

Why Agritourism?

Children in cities today see only television screens. They are limited to closed-door classes, television programs, videos, games, chocolates, and soft drinks.

Children must learn the traditional ways of farming and other businesses dependent on agriculture. Many children don’t know what it is like to live with farm animals or how the countryside looks. Children learn new skills and become more connected to Mother Nature. Parents have the chance to expose their children to a different way of life through agritourism.

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Scope for Agri Tourism

Travel has evolved to be more than just visiting the local museums and sites. When they travel, travelers want to slow down and enjoy the journey. They desire to get to know the locals and be more involved in the area they visit. 

Agri Tourism allows you to live in rural areas, experience authentic food, and learn about the different farming methods. Adding income-generating activities to existing agriculture increases farmers’ income and contributes to the country’s national GDP. It promotes national integration and international understanding and supports local handicrafts and cultural activities. 

It is a leisurely activity in rural areas that helps a person understand and appreciate the land as well as the people who live there. It usually gives the chance to assist with ranching or farming tasks on the site. It involves a meaningful visit to a producer of land-based services and products.

It offers a unique educational experience that combines both tourism and agriculture. The best thing about staying on a farm is the opportunity to make a difference by helping out. Farmers open their farms to the public to share their knowledge and make their land a tourist destination. It is the idea of making tourists experience village life, from plowing the fields, milking cows, taking a dip in the well, and climbing trees.

It offers a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life while still being in a peaceful rural setting. You can relax and rejuvenate in the natural setting, surrounded by stunning scenery. You can experience a unique experience, such as picking your own fruit from an orchard, trying your hand at calf-roping, or riding a hay-cart at a pumpkin farm. There are many unique activities that can be enjoyed on a farm.

Moreover, it allows you to have a genuine, authentic, and intimate experience of rural life. You can also taste local food and learn about the farming processes.  

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Agri Tourism Farms

Agritourism farms offer tours that allow visitors to see the harvesting, processing, and growth of local fruits like pineapple, coconuts, sugarcane, and corn. Many farmers also offer a homestay option and education about the farm’s workings.

These farms are sometimes called entertainment farms. They offer pick-yourself products as well as food, mazes, and open-pens animals.

Agri Tourism Benefits

Agritourism development has potential benefits for farmers, rural communities, as well as tourism operators.

Farmers’ Benefits:

  • Increasing farm revenue streams.
  • Expanding farm operations by using farm-based products in innovative ways.
  • Developing new consumer market niches by growing awareness about local agricultural products.
  • Increasing long-term sustainability of farm businesses.
  • Channeling additional farm income.
  • A growing appreciation of the importance of maintaining agricultural land.
  • Improving farm living conditions, farm working areas & farm recreation possibilities.
  • A developing entrepreneurial spirit and managerial skills.

Tourism Operators’ Benefits

  • Increasing rural tourism.
  • Diversifying the range of tourist products and services.
  • Longer season during traditionally off-peak times.
  • Bringing more foreign currency to local businesses.
  • Uniquely positioning rural areas in key tourism markets.

Rural Community Benefits:

  • Helping to preserve and revive local art and craft.
  • A growing awareness among the public about agricultural issues.
  • A growing protection of rural landscapes and natural environments.
  • Generating additional revenue from tourists for local businesses.
  • Contributing to the diversification and strengthening of rural economies via job creation and income generation.
  • Promoting inter-regional, cross-cultural communication.
  • Promoting the use of local agricultural products and services.

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