5 Best Low Light Indoor Plants

For indoor gardeners, low-light conditions are always a big challenge. Many houseplants can thrive on little light. There are many low light indoor plants that are pretty forgiving, easy to care for, and low-light survivors. They do better in shady spaces. If you are a plant parent and yet you haven’t found suitable low-maintenance plant babies, then you’re at the right place. 

Low-Light Indoorplants That Can Thrive in the Darkest Corner

There are many Indoor plant species that are simple to take care of and tolerant of low light. Many of them even do best in shaded areas. If you’re not a fully-fledged gardener yet and searching for the ideal low-maintenance indoor plants, we have a list of top low light indoor plants that won’t take up an extra space on your windowsill.

Here in this article, we have the top 5 best low light indoor plants that will certainly love your indoors and thrive best in the shady corners of your home or office. While looking for the best low-light indoor plants that will survive in shaded areas of your home, you can opt for plants that hail from tropical regions.

Low Light Indoor Plants

These low-light indoor plants perform best when grown in an east or west-facing room with a window, even if they do not get direct sunlight. But preferably, a room without a window or a north-facing window will make it difficult even for the most shade-tolerant plants. However, you can help them out by keeping them in artificial lights for a few hours each day.

Here are the five best low-light indoor plants that will do very well, even if your window doesn’t get bright sunlight or you are a frequent traveler, as they can grow well when watered less.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)


The sansevieria or snake plants are the best low light indoor plants. It gets its name because of the wavy, striped pattern on its leaves. They require less or no care and are very easy to grow. It is also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue.” It prefers to grow in partially shaded conditions but can also tolerate shady or ultra-low light conditions. They are slow growers and toxic to pets if ingested. Ensure not to overwater snake plants, especially if they are not getting direct sun or hot corners that dries out the soil. It grows very well in neglected conditions, and overwatering can kill it, causing root rot. 

Light requirement: Partially shady place

Water requirement: Moderately moist soil conditions

Colour Varieties: Deep green foliage with yellow-grey-green stripes

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Peace lilies are popular ones who can take a lot of neglect. They have large green leaves and elegant white flowers when they bloom. But they can’t be neglected on the watering schedule. They need an ample supply of water; else, the foliage will wilt. However, when wilted leaves drop down, after watering, they will stand right back up. This shade-loving plant should be kept in a place that gets indirect light for best growth and bloom. Try to keep them away from pets, as they are toxic when ingested.

Light requirement: Partial to fully shaded place

Water requirement: Moderately moist to highly moist

Colour Varieties: Dark green foliage, white flowers

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)


The ZZ plant is one of the best low-maintenance and low-light indoor plants. Technically they can survive without sunlight, and you can keep them in any dark, windowless place of your house or office. Although, it grows best with bright, indirect light. ZZ plants can tolerate more extended drought periods very well. But let the soil dry out between two waterings. They are very slow growers and keep them away from the reach of pets, as they are toxic. 

Light requirement: Partial to fully shaded place

Water requirement: Moderately moist soil

Colour Varieties: Dark green foliage

Philodendron (Philodendron species)


Philodendrons are trendy low light indoor plants because they are easy to maintain. They can add a jungle-like vibe to your space with their lush green foliage and long green vines. Regularly mist the plant leaves to keep them clean and remove dust from their surface. Clean leaves will keep them looking beautiful and functioning at their best as dust chokes the leaf pores. 

Keep them near a window to get bright and indirect sunlight when indoors. These plants are tolerant to a low-light setup, resulting in leggy growth (lots of space on the stems between the leaves). Make sure to keep your philodendrons away from pets, as they are toxic.

Light requirement: Partial shade

Water requirement: Moderately moist soil

Colour Varieties: Green foliage 

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)


Spider plants are more adaptable and easier to grow as low-light indoor plants. They are named so because they produce spider-like offshoots or spiderettes. They hang down from the parent plant as spiders dangle on the web. They can be grown as hanging or trailing plants in hanging baskets or pots. 

They can survive well for a long duration in low light conditions. They also do well when kept under artificial lights. Just water your spider plant regularly and prevent the soil from drying out for its ideal growth.

Light requirement: Partially shaded spot

Water requirement: Moderately moist soil

Colour Varieties: Green or variegated foliage

Bring Low Light Indoor Plants to your home  

Many more low light indoor plants can survive in the dark rooms, shadiest spots of your house, workplace, bathrooms, or anywhere else where you need greenery. These best low light indoor plants are forgiving and tolerant to low light surroundings. Most of these varieties grow fast and strong when they have less light to grow in.

Happy Gardening!!!!

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