10 Indoor Plants to Bring Positive Energy to Your Home

Who does not want to welcome positivity to their home?

Positive vibes in your homes are vital to improving your family’s health, longevity, and happiness. You can live a delightful and fulfilled life only if your home has positive energy. Nature is a key factor. Choosing the right indoor plants for your house is likely to inhale the negative energy and exhale positive vibes in your surroundings. 

There are many indoor plants that can provide positivity or positive vibes to your home. Additionally, plants in pots in your home can help to eliminate negative energy and provide an entirely new way for yourself and your family.

Indoor Plants for Positive Energy

Here are a few indoor plants that will surely help in bringing positive energy to home and will fill your life with “Good Vibes Only.”

Lucky Bamboo

Scientific Name: Bambusoidaea

Lucky bamboo or bamboo plant is a blessing on health and love life. Bamboo symbolizes positivity, energy, purity, prosperity, and luck. It’s a low-maintenance ornamental plant that brings happiness and peace by preventing jealousy. It’s likely to bring prosperity and harmony to your life. You can place it in any room that has extremely low lighting. Make sure to maintain it within at least 1 inch of clean water. 

Bamboo is the fastest-growing indoor plant and encourages us to continue going forward in our lives. Studies have also proven that even looking at the bamboo plant can give you psychological relaxation.

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Scientific Name: Jasminum

Jasmine is cultivated primarily because of its stunning white flowers and is quite a popular fragrant bright light indoor plant. Jasmine acts as a magnet for positive energy and aids in nurturing relationships. There is a belief that this gorgeous plant can heal broken hearts. It is a pleasant smell that can help calm a stressed mind and boost energy. 

Jasmine is a plant that encourages and enhances healthy relationships and is surely a mental health boost. Jasmine can enhance your relationship with love by releasing its positive energy. Its lingering scent enhances the positive effects by relaxing a stressed-out mind and increasing energy. It will create an array of positive energy if you keep it indoors near a south-facing window.

Peace Lily

Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum 

Peace lily plants aid in improving the quality of air within your home. It is also called “White sail.” Many believe it can also benefit health by reducing headaches, asthma and improving your mental well-being. 

As per Feng Shui theory, this tree represents peace and tranquility. In addition, it also acts as an energy source that emits positive radiation to the surrounding area and purifies the atmosphere. Furthermore, the plants are attractive to have at your home. 

This popular indoor plant, Peace Lily, can grow in an area with low lighting, which means you could put it in your bathroom or bedroom. 


Scientific Name: Salvia rosmarinus

The rosemary plant is renowned for its ability to purify the air, ensure it is free from harmful toxins, and encourage both mental and physical well-being. There’s a vast array of benefits of rosemary plants, including:

  • Enhance your food
  • Improving your mood
  • Combating anxiety
  • Improving memory
  • Creating inner peace
  • Boosting the mood of your house and memory
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Relieving insomnia
  • Improve your mental well-being
  • Promoting inner peace, etc. 

It is an indoor plant that needs a brightly lit place inside your house, preferably on a window sill. To get the most of its benefits, place this positive plant in cool temperatures and bright colors. 

Money Plant or Golden Pothos

Scientific Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

The money plant can generate a flow of energy that brings happiness and luck to your life. If you have this indoor plant in your home, it will absorb chemical compounds from your furniture. In addition, the money plant will aid in reducing anxiety and stress at home.

Its presence can emit positive vibes and purify negative ones. A study has found that you can feel an effect of calm and peace in mind just by pressing its leaves.

In addition, it helps your eyes relax when experiencing a bit of irritation or swelling. This all creates golden pothos, a great plant to boost the energy of office spaces, homes, and even study spaces.


Scientific Name: Lavandula

Lavender is also renowned for bringing happiness and calm in one’s life. You must place it in a location where you can inhale it often to experience the maximum effects.

Lavender plants can bring joy and peace to your life and the lives of your friends. They can help enhance communication in the home. We recommend placing this indoor plant in the corner of your office or home so that you can inhale it frequently to enjoy its effects.


Scientific Name: Ipomoea

Growing basil in the house has a spiritual and healing impact on the air. Apart from this, it is a charm for prosperity. The powerful antioxidant properties of this plant will bring positive vibes to your home by removing negative energy. The plant releases oxygen as well as absorbs carbon dioxide as well as carbon monoxide. This indoor plant grows best by being placed near your home’s northern or eastern window. 

Its heavenly properties can instantly calm you. Basil is an excellent antioxidant that helps to eliminate negative energy from home and promotes positive energy.


Another plant acknowledged for bringing positivity to the home is the Orchid. Orchids also connect with fertility and virility, making the perfect choice for newlywed couples. This indoor plant requires bright light, light moisture, and minimal maintenance. The pleasant smell can boost the mood of people at home.

Final Words

So purchase indoor plants with positive energy and plant them in different places around your house. Let us know in the comments about your favourite plant with positive energy and the one you are planning to bring indoors for a feeling of happiness and improve your mental health. And do not forget to look after it.

Stay Green. Happy Gardening To You!!!!!

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